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    I'm sorting an entire worksheet based on 3 columns. The problem I'm running into is that the 3rd column contains alphanumeric data, so data with numbers is being placed at the end of the sort. Here's the code I'm using so far, but I need the 3rd column (E) to sort alphanumerically. Any help would be appreciated.

    Have you tried my code in post #4? That does as you want.

    Sure did and works like a charm, I'm actually using all the codes as I'm learning how everything interacts with Excel. In that particular piece of code I just couldn't figure out how to manipulate which column the split started in.

    I appreciate everyone's help :)

    In addition to KjBox comment, did you even try to solve using my PQ solution. I see no comments from you. It does exactly what you asked for.

    I did and see that as a long term solution to sorting all the data I'm sorting. I'm just not versed well enough in Power Query right now to utilize it as much as I would like. Once I'm done with the current project I'm going to go back and learn how to use it, it seems like a very powerful tool!

    When using this code, it splits Column D into columns E and F. How do I get it to split column D's contents, but keep the first word in column D and the second in Column E? Thanks!

    You can use Instr also.

    Sorry for the multiple posts. My last post won't display, my guess is because I used a $ in the subject. Anyway, I'm trying to move data from a single column into multiple columns. For some reason I can't get the code to recognize decimals in money when there are no cents. For example sees $20.00 as 20. I'd like the code to recognize dollars and non currency and move to a desired column.

    Here's a sample of the data in the column not being recognized:











    This should be simple enough, but I'm missing something. I'm trying to split all the cells in column D at the first space. For Example:

    123 Don Johnson

    Would turn into:

    123Don Johnson

    I'm trying to use the Split function, but I'm obviously missing something.. here my code:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I know it's jacked, but here's what I've got started

    Greetings -

    This should be simple enough, but I just can't seem to crack it.. I have a sheet and want to move a group of cells right based on column H. So if a cell in column H is "Mem", MEM and all the contents in that row need to move right 1. If H is "SER", SER and everything after it need to move over 2 spaces and finally if a cell in H contains a "$" then that cell and everything after in the row need to move over 4. Finally it should complete the same function for every sheet in the workbook.

    Any help is appreciated. 8)