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    Hi all ,

    Just asking maybe someone else already done this . I am having issues with an user form to load the fiscal week when it intilializes. I am now using iso function in vba but my fiscal year start the 1st of July and it saying is still in week 52 and it should be week 1. Would you have any ideas on how to make this work ?

    Give it a try now

    You have closed the font code , the text you want to format needs to be inside <font>your text here </font>, I have modified your code , try it

    I have sorted the issue, the problem was that the condition that would trigger the module was on column 5 and I had another 5 columns after it , as soon as it met the condition it only added the cell values from the last row up to column 5 where the condition was met and did not added the rest of the last rows in the columns . In order the make it work I have delayed the macro to run for 5 second giving enough time to add data to populate the active sheet, now it works perfect , I have posted the working code maybe someone else has the same issue, I have used the following code:


    I have an issue with trying to insert multiple ranges into an email body. I have the conditions if a cell has a certain value the in sends an email also when it sends the mail it copies the data from last row and it inserts it into the email body , the weird thing is that when I run the sub from the script it works perfectly(picture "from script") BUT when I insert the data from the user form and meets the condition it only gets the data from the first 5 columns (picture "from userform"). If someone can help me I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance

    Hi RoyUK , I have pasted the code from userform below : as I said in the previous comment , If there is any possibility to search as you type when typing in the combobox as the database is large and it only get larger ,

    Hi guys ,

    I am new to VBA and I would need some help with a thing I want to improve on my project.

    I have dependant combobox in my data entry form and the database is quite big and it is time consuming going trough the list to add the string . The combobox match text only picks up the first letters of the string so I am not able to type a word and have a result in the combo dropdown list, I have looked over some tutorials but with no success, do you think you can help me , if needed I can attach the workbook