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    Hello All:

    I am frustrated with a problem I never experienced using VBA code in Excel. I have developed over 40 Modules in Excel .xlsm file. For some reason, when I share the Excel .xlsm file via Dropbox, I cannot see the code for SOME (most) Modules in Developer tab in Excel. A few additional points:

    1. I am running Excel in Windows 11 and can see everything (all modules, all code).

    2. I Share the Excel file via Dropbox with another Excel users who is running Windows 10.

    3. Thare are other user downloads the problematic Excel .xlsm file to his laptop and we view the file using Zoom

    4. There are other shared Excel .xlsm files where this is not a problem at all

    Any help/guidance will be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks


    I have added an Excel sheet to help clarify my request. Note that I an trying import multiple xml files to a single Excel worksheet. Not all the xml files will contain the same fields as the Master Schema. So I need to ensure the xml files with fewer column will adjust appropriately to the Master Schema.

    Hope someone can nudge me along.


    Hello All:

    Firstly, I am still learning VBA. I am trying to import many xml files into a single Excel worksheet, and there are subtle difference between the xml files. These are EDI Invoice files from a single EDI provider, and the data schema is pretty much identical, but in some cases some vendors do not include certain variable, such as discounts or notes and the files are excluded from the xml files.

    What I would like to do is build a Master schema (what I call "Invoice_Map" in the attached Source Code) and write a VBA script which loops through all the XML files and have the data map to the Excel Worksheet based on the master schema fields, which are available within each of the xml files. I have tried to accomplish this without success.

    The best I have been able to accomplish is to get VBA to import all the xml files to a single Excel worksheet an load based on each of the xml maps for each xml file.

    Please help or provide some sample code which I can modify for my purpose. I really like this forum and I am grateful for any help.

    Many thanks in advance

    Hello All:

    Hello All:

    From an Internet search, I found the attached code for extracting Table Data from a single Outlook email, which works very well. I have not figured out how to loop through a series of emails containing the same table format and load all data for all tables to a single Excel worksheet. Once I have loaded all the history, I want to execute the VBA script daily to pick up new incoming table data to update the Excel file.

    If anyone can provide hints how to convert my single use VBA code to looping code, including the "xlUp function" to append data to the bottom of the last updated worksheet, I would be more that appreciative.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Here is the full code as modified keeping ".Hyperlinks.Add rCl.Offset(, -2)"

    Sorry... I have attached my code now. Rm regarding the code you shared, is the missing code on lines 4 and 5. Please advise and thanks for your help. I think I am getting close to figuring it out.

    I am trying to debug this VBA Code to convert a list of about 300 or more File locations to HyperLinks using VBA. The attached code works, but either converts every other Row of Half the Rows in the list. It has to do with how I am using the StartCell and StartCell.Offset, but I cannot figure it out. And I cannot fine any VBA code without StartCell function.

    The Row of Cell Values are like the list, below... Any help would be appreciated... Thanks

    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 02 20_page_03.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 30 20_page_34.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 30 20_page_42.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 30 20_page_50.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_08.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_16.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_24.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_32.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_40.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 03 31 20_page_48.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20 through 04 02 20_page_06.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20 through 04 02 20_page_14.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20 through 04 02 20_page_22.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20_page_03.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20_page_11.jpg
    C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Documents\PITCO\Wells Fargo\ChkImages2\WFB 04 01 20_page_19.jpg

    Hello All:

    I am trying to figure out How to Calculate the first and last date of a Month Using VBA Code when the Month and Year is Pulled from Cells in Excel. An additional intrigue is I need the resulting calculation to look like so:


    For Example May 2020:

    first date = 1200501, as Text

    last date = 1200531, , as Text

    Of Course, I hope VBA is smart enough to handle leap years.

    Sample VBA code would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    The second option would be a non-started. Each .jpg image is quite large, so post it to Excel would be quite bulky.

    As I understand the first option, the code cycles through all the object (.jpg) files and copy the address as a hyperlink in Excel... Right. Seems feasible, but there are quite a number of other attributes on each record in the large file, and I would need to employ some complex logic to ensure the Hyperlink is posting to the correct record.

    I just believe I am missing something very simple to get VBA to activate the calculated hyperlink. Manually double clicking the cell and pressing enter does the job. Cannot understand why the ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add myCell, myCell.Value in vba is not doing the job. I did notice in your procedure you have an option Anchor:=Selection. What is this option? Should I try adding it to my code?


    The Code is nor showing an error the data, below is a subset of the data in Column I which I am trying to get vba to covert to hyperlink to a folder/file location. The "=HyperLink" should not show after vba converts the value to a hyperlink. It works manually cell by cell, but I want vba to do it , because larger files will be coming in great frequency in future.

    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_01.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_02.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_03.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_04.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_05.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_06.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_07.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_08.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_09.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_10.jpg")
    =HyperLINK("L:\2020\04 2020 April xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx\WFB 04 01 20_page_11.jpg")

    I took the Filename formula out of play by importing the Hyperlink Module into the workbook containing the hyperlink calculation. I have attached the simplified code. Same result:-(

    Hello All:

    I have an Excel file with several hundred calculated hyperlinks using a formula link: HyperLink Calculation ("=HyperLink("+"L:\Folder\SubFolder\Filename.jpg+"). I found a vba code snippet: ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add myCell, myCell.Value, which seems to activate the formulas (full vba code attached), but which I click on the resulting hyperlink I get error saying the target file cannot be found.

    Without running the VBA script, I can open the same file, double click each cell and press enter and the hyperlink works as expected. The code is not making any change other that activating the hyperlink. Also note that the cell still shown the full formula (i.e., the =hyperlink part is still visible. When I click inside the cell value and press enter, the =hyperlink part is no longer visible, but I get the same error. Is seems something is there that causing the problem, but I cannot determine the problem.

    Any ideas???

    Thanks for any help.

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:="V:\BankStatementFiles\PDFX_Summary.xlsx", FileFormat:=xlOpenXMLWorkbook
    ActiveWorkbook.Closeapplication.DisplayAlerts = True
    End Sub

    I found the problem... The problem was I was closing the called Workbook with the statement, below. That also terminated the calling procedure. When I commented out the statement below, the return to calling procedure completed the remainder of the processing.

    Thanks to both of you for your help... Stay Safe.

    Application.Run (wbTarget.Name & "!Make1RowPDF")
    MsgBox "YOU ARE HERE!!!!!!"
    'GoTo UFinn

    When I put a MsgBox just after the Application.Run call, the message never appears, which tells me the return from !Make1RowPDF terminates the calling procedure (SingleRowPDF). So SingleRowPDF never executed the Call FinalOne 'Module 4 statement. There has to be something wrong within Make1RowPDF, although it does all I want it to do. Make1RowPDF never returns control to SingleRowPDF.