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    I have a macro which is correct work on a desktop.
    When I try work on it on teams/SharePoint/one drive I get an error

    Open strFilename For Output Access Write As #iFn

    How i can change this code on worked on web ?

    Sub send()

    Hello, I have a problem with shell function. I want to send data from excel to notepad and next ( its my problem) send txt file as the attachment via email without saving files on the disc.
    To transfer from excel to txt i dont have a problem, i use :

    "Shell "notepad.exe", vbNormalFocus
    SendKeys "^V" "


    " Dim my_notepad As Variant

    my_notepad = VBA.Shell("Notepad", vbNormalFocus)
    SendKeys "^V" "

    But i dont know how i can send it ? Previously i sent sheet from excel without saving and I used " Call ActiveWorkbook.SendMail("[email protected]")

    I dont how to send notepad , can u help me ?
    Test file in attachment