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    Hi there,

    I have a table with several columns and rows.

    The columns are divided in two groups:

    North: 1 to 4 & 9 to 12

    South: 5 to 8

    I need a code which report, on second sheet, the name (or names in case of same value) who has the lower numer for first group (North) and the the name who has the lower numer for second group (South).

    In case is the same name (same row) of north, for south group I need the second lowest number.

    I attach an example with the expected result


    Hi there,

    I have a table and, using union command, I select some columns.

    My issue is that I need to delete the columns on table which are not selected.

    Due to there're some formulas on table, I need this because I need to keep the formulas valid, just recalculate with selected columns.

    it's also OK for my purpose, just clear the content if it's easier.

    any suggestion?

    It seems that the support for Internet Explorer (which is used by WebBrowser control) ends since August 17, 2021

    I changed the code:

    ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:="http://www.

    Hi there,

    to view a PDF file I use the WebBrowser.Navigate command (adding the URL of the PDF file on the network) in a usf in which I have inserted a webbrowser control.

    With 32-bit office 2007 it works without problems. On the PC where I have installed 365 64 bit it crashes and closes excel.

    With the same command if, instead of pointing to a PDF file, I try to open a website (Default.aspx) it works without problems.

    Thanks for the link, very interesting.

    My issue is that I don't know if user has outlook installed or another mail client (or maybe webmail).

    With mailto I don't care on it and always works, but sometimes happen that sentences are in lowercase (and I don't know the cause)

    Hi guys,

    on a userform I have a button for auto-compiling a e-mail.

    Private Sub cmbMail_Click()
    stringa = "HELLO"
        SendMailWithMailTo "[email protected]", "", "", "Subject Text", "Body Mail Text %0D%0A" & stringa
    End Sub

    who call a function

    it works but on e-mail, all sentences, subject and the variable stringa is written always in lowercase.

    I need that the format of words are exacly as I wrote on code.

    where's the mistake?


    Hi everyone,

    I have a list of numbers like in the attached example.

    I'm looking for a macro that, for each coloum B, D, F, H find duplicates

    If duplicates are found, opens an userform (as example, userform1) showing the two duplicates both: number on the left of duplicate and the value of duplicate

    I have some option:

    - change the values by manual directly on userfom (could be changed the no. or the value for the first or second duplicate)

    - delete completely the row (number+value)

    any suggestion how to proceed?


    Hi there,

    I have an issue with a copy code.

    on attached file, please run the module6 (sub Test).

    I don't understand why there's a debug error on

    Sheets("PORTO").Range(Cells(cel.Row, "A"), Cells(cel.Row, "C")).Copy Sheets("BATTAGLIA").Cells(lastrow + 1, 2)

    reference on sheets and cells seems OK.

    Thanks for any suggestion