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    Hi Roy.

    Your solution is not the answer.... I don't need to know Why :) .... I need a solution to get the link fixed, without changing every formula (Or Hyperlink).

    I need to know if there is another way to fix this....

    Thank you in advance for your help... (and about the forum and my misbehave so sorry.... still learning the way.... thank you for your help and comments).

    I have a spreed Sheet linked to another SS in a different Folder. In "My Computer" the linked Files work.... But If I send the ZIP (Folders and Files) to another computer the Folder Path Link gets Broken...

    In my Origin The Formula says: =PROCV($D12;'C:\Users\user1\Documents\foldername1\example.xlsm'!$B$8:$N$77;10;);)

    The path between the workbook and the lookup workbook is not the same on both computer. When I copy the File to another PC it's a different "user" so it doesn't work. How can I link them? What should I do?

    Onemore Info: THe Folder Tree is always the same in the folders:

    File 1= C:\Users\user1\Documents\foldername1\all.xls (Gets Info from File 2, 3 and 4)

    File 2=C:\Users\user1\Documents\foldername1\folder1\example1.xls

    File 3=C:\Users\user1\Documents\foldername1\folder2\example2.xls

    File 4=C:\Users\user1\Documents\foldername1\folder3\example3.xls

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    "My Solution"


    Hi Everybody

    Hope you and yours are Ok at this awful time....

    I Need your expertise to solve a small Pickle ....

    I Need a VBA Code. I'm doing a work diary, where I add every day 3 to 9 PICS of works being done on my construction site.

    I want to insert 3 images from a specific folder, r in one go!

    When I use the code it should open the Folder automatically (Like ThisWorkbook.Path) the option "Application.GetOpenFilename" doesn't help me because I have to search every time the path of the folder. As my Pics and my sheet are in the same folder (everyday has different Pics and a copy of the same excel file), it would help to open it from there....

    I have created a Botton, when I push it, it should:

    Insert image 1, image 2 and image 3 (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, etc...) in different columns. The 3 Pics should be selected in one selection (in the Folder) and being automatically copied to following cells. Not always there are 3 images to import, sometimes I just import 1 or 2. The import Cells are:

    Image 1 to Cell L82:P88

    Image 2 to Cell Q82:U88

    Image 3 to Cell V82:Z88

    They should adjust Left/Top and in Height and Width in the Number of rows (3 Columns x 7 Lines)

    Something like this:

    1st Line

    (PIC 1 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) | (PIC 2 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) | (PIC 3 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) End

    2nd Line

    (PIC 4 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) | (PIC 5 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) | (PIC 6 = 3 Columns x 7 Lines) End

    and so on... (don't worry I can easily copy and make a new Bottom for each Line....

    I'm using some codes I found on the Net but can only get 1 image every-time in to the sheet... I don't want to have 1 Pic 1 Button.

    Here is where I am:

    Could you please help me. Thank you in advance for your help.

    I Have Office 2010. Added a Pic with what I need. Button is on the Upright corner of the Pic....