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    The debug highlights the line: If TypeName(oCtl) = "CheckBox" And oCtl.Value = True Then

    The excel I am using is 2013...if that makes any difference?

    I tried to group / ungroup the checkboxes

    Also try to create a new userform with only the 14checkboxes and this button

    Still showing Runtime error 438, Object doesn't support this property or method.

    So I think problem with this PC's setup....

    Is there anyway to get my version to work? I am more familiar with this format of logic and so it will be easier for me to debug.

    Many thanks.

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your reply, I try to directly copy your code but seems doesn't work, showing Object doesn't support this property or method.

    Based on your code, I came up with the following which I think should work, only problem is the temp.value is showing invalid qualifier.

    Hi all,

    I setup a useform for users to input different data which will ultimately be emailed to a pre-defined email address.

    While I know how to organize the data and send the e mail, I got 2 issues I am trying to resolve.

    1) Checkboxes

    I have a 11 checkboxes in a group, namely cb1 to cb11 with different caption.

    I was wandering if anyone can teach me how I can generate a list of the ticked checkboxes caption.

    i.e. If cb1 and cb5 is ticked, then the list will be the caption of only cb1 and cb5.


    From the userform, I have 10 fields that I wish to be taken out, put into an excel with pre-defined headers and a pre-written macro. And send this excel as an attachment to pre-defined email.

    (can this be done without using a temp file?)

    Thank you for your help in advance.