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    This is the code so far, :

    Thanks again, a summary of my observations:

    This one works:

    MkDir FolderPath & ActiveCell.Value & "\Orders" & " - " & ActiveCell.Value

    This one returns Compile Error: Expected name of statement.

    MkDir FolderPath & ActiveCell.Value & "\Jobsheets" " - " & ActiveCell.Value

    Changed to:

    MkDir FolderPath & ActiveCell.Value & "\Jobsheets" & " - " & ActiveCell.Value

    So it creates the subfolders "Scans - nameofcustomer" but it doesn't move the actual scanned files from the source.

    The error is "File not found" and it highlights Name oldPath & StrFile As newPath & StrFile

    I imagine that the string insertion breaks the path.

    Thanks for this, it works well.

    Another solution...

    Thank you dangelor,

    This works as per my original request in this thread with the exception that it copies the folder scans to customers/nameofcustomer/ as scans and then renames it to jobsheets. That result is not suitable because we need all the content of scans to be moved to jobsheets. If I replace

    FSO.CopyFolder SourcePath, FolderPath & ActiveCell.Value
    FSO.MoveFolder SourcePath, FolderPath & ActiveCell.Value

    it works but removes the folder scans from the Desktop. That means that for the next cycle of scans we will need to create it again so the scanner send them there automatically.

    Interesting solution though, quite spoilt for choice with two different ways to resolve the same problem.

    Thanks for your persistence.

    Yes, the way you have done it works perfectly and it is usable. I am really happy. From my perspective it works flawlessly.

    The behaviour that I have mentioned is observed only if we don't follow the routine of Operator to scan files, then select cell, click button -> Excel creates folders, subfolders, creates hyperlink, moves files, etc.

    I noticed it when I forgot to put files into the source. Then it makes the actions but no files are moved. When clicked again, even if we put files in the source it doesn't work because we have few things not right. One being that we already have the folders and subfolders created and another being the hyperlink generated. If need be, I will just delete the folders, clear hyperlink and it works. That is OK to me because prevents errors as folder replacement, overwriting etc. Also after we do that procedure once we will never do it again for any of the existing customers. This is just to digitise existing (thousands) of jobsheets written by hand, there is valuable information on them like specs, prices etc. After we finish, all will be done via CRM system.

    Regards, Georgi

    It works! It works! Thank you very much yongle!

    My problem is resolved.

    I did notice that if we run the action and already have the folders generated but there was nothing in the source, and then we scan things and run it again, it breaks it. If the folders are deleted and the hyperlink removed though, then it works again. That is not concern because our routine needs to be the same and if we follow it, it works absolutely flawlessly.

    Some extras that I think might make it more awesome:

    Could be beneficial if instead of the hyperlink being created on the text in the selected cell, to be in another cell, let's say in D column on the same row.

    Also to see the resulting path visible as text: "C:\Users\"Username\Desktop\Customers\John Smith" still hyperlinked but just to the customer's name level, not the subfolders .

    The last thing was my original request form the other Thread, is it possible to add the name of the customer to the names of the folders "Orders" and "Customers".

    Kindest Regards!

    P.S. Just a thought, I have nor tried it with network folders, have to do that at work, but even if it doesn't work, we can always run it locally on the server's Excel and point to the relevant folders there!


    I don't have access to the machine where that file is but I am using a variation of this Macro:

    It also makes a hyperlink in the chosen cell.

    Dear members,

    I am really new to this so have been tearing my hair for the last 3 days ;(, trying to achieve something.

    There is a source folder in which we create files (.jpg, .pdf, .tiff). That folder is always the same and it doesn't contain subfolders.

    The destination folder is a bit more complex:

    It is created by using the macro from my other Thread here (works very well but needs some cosmetic tweaking),

    That existing macro is attached to a button and when a cell is selected (in column containing names of companies) and button pushed, it creates in a folder "Customers" a subfolder with the mane of that customer plus two sub_sub folders, Jobsheets" being the most recently created sub_sub folder.

    The structure looks like that:

    └───Company 1
    │   └───Orders
    │   └───Jobsheets
    └───John Smith
    │   └───Orders
    │   └───Jobsheets

    So the sub folder .../Customers/ John Smith/ Jobsheets is the latest one.

    What I need is addition to the existing macro that moves all files form the source to the latest created /Jobsheets sub_subfolder, doesn't matter in which customers' name folder it is.

    The purpose for all that is:

    We have a big number of paper jobsheets that need scanning and a spreadsheet containing the customers names.

    We scan few jobsheets for Company 1 to folder called scans. Then we press the button inside the spreadsheet, it creates 3 folders for that customer, and moves all scanned docs to the latest created one. Then we repeat the procedure for the next customer, John Smith.

    Thanks in advance, that will clear a big mess that I have inherited.

    Hello, I am just starting with VB and macros for Excel.

    I am trying to re-purpose some code I found at another place (T. Nesset) (…k?answertab=votes#tab-top)

    It uses a selected cell's value to create and name folder. Also it creates a sub-folder with the name "Test1".

    That is OK and works but I need have as a name the cell value and the word "Test1" both in the name of the subfolder.