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    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the help.

    I am using SMTP to send the email rather than Outlook, as the security in Outlook means the user has to click OK to every email and there is going to be about 500 emails going out.




    I'm trying to send a single sheet of a spreadsheet as an attachment using SMTP. Any ideas how this is done?

    Failing that, would creating a new file, copying and pasting the sheet into it and sending thatnew file as the attachment be the best alternative?



    I'm trying to sutomatically select the first row of autofiltered results. As the row changes each time a different filter criteria is used, is there a way of determining the first row of filtered results?

    The purpose is to run a loop where different criteria is used on teh sheet and then to take the first row of results and copy it to a separate sheet to produce a summary sheet.


    Hi, I'm trying to email up to 700 recipients at once, but appear to be stuck with having to click that I want to allow the email to be sent from outside outlook. Is there a way to send emails frm excel without having to go through this, without setting security to low as I am not at liberty to do that.


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