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    I think I've found what was wrong. Try this

    Your code needed to save the presentation - pptDoc


    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, SIR! I kinda get it working.

    This automatically saves the file to a path made by the user.

    My only problem now is after the saveas, the file is not opened.

    Any help on how can I open the newly saveas file?

    Hi! I want to open a pptx file and save as it directly with a dialog box or a prompt shows up allowing the user to choose a location to save it and what file name.

    I do not want to open the pptx file so I added the .visible false and it does not work. other than that, removing that line of code, I can't still save as my pptx file

    I tried this code but to no luck

    Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.


    This is a nice work!!! But I really want to make my data look like this:
    :( :( :(


    I wanted it to look like this but I cannot find a way to code it. Please help :(


    Is it possible sir that it won't delete the entire row?

    Just the row starting from G to J?

    This will work fine for me sir royUK :)

    Can you help me with my other problem sir? huhu

    I want to remove the rows from the right side data that has no MATCH and NO MATCH values

    You need to create a proper template with the extension .xltm. These files cannot be overwritten and you save a workbook created from them

    How to use Excel Templates

    so from this line;

    Workbooks.Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & "DATACOMPARE\Report.xlsx"

    I will just make a xltm file and change it to;

    Workbooks.Open ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & "DATACOMPARE\Report.xltm"

    am i right sir? :)


    This works like a charm! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :love::saint:


    I have a host excel workbook which contains all the VBA Codes. When I click a button there, it must compare two workbook's data and generate a report file.

    Workbook Data 1 contains this:

    Workbook Data 2 contains this:

    ID 1 must only be compared to ID 1 and so on thus generating a report file:

    The Workbook Data 2 offsets and adjusts its placement in the row if they have NO MATCH.

    Then ALIGNS to the Workbook Data 1 if the ROW of data are all the SAME with a REMARKS on the last column as MATCH.

    I have tried making this code and this is as far as I have gone to:

    In this code, I tried pasting the data of two workbooks to one workbook but I can't seem to know how to compare them from there.

    Please help anyone. Thank you.