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    Ok so i had the exact same issue never coded in my life, but this worked for me.

    Hope this helps

    Private Sub CheckBox4_Change()

    'If user selects "Other" then TextBox4 becomes visible on the screen.

    'It is intended that the user type in what corresponds to "Other" item in TextBox4

    If CheckBox4.Value = "True" Then '"Other" is one of the selections from a drop

    'down list present when clicking on CommandButton1

    TextBox4.Value = "Please type in" 'instructs user to type in TextBox4

    TextBox4.BackColor = &H80FFFF 'Highlights TextBox4 in yellow to alert

    'user to type in it - this is optional code

    TextBox4.SpecialEffect = 1 'makes TextBox4 appear sunken into screen

    TextBox4.BorderStyle = 1 'Puts single line border around TextBox4

    TextBox4.Locked = False 'unlocks TextBox4, which is usually locked,

    'so user can type in it.

    Else 'If user selects a selection other than "Other",

    'or changed their mind after typing in text.

    TextBox4.Value = "" 'Gets rid of any text the user may have

    'typed in TextBox4

    TextBox4.BackColor = &HFFFFFF 'Returns box to white color to make it

    'blend back into white page

    TextBox4.SpecialEffect = 0 'flat, not sunken in

    TextBox4.BorderStyle = 0 'Gets rid of Single Line border around TextBox4

    TextBox4.Locked = True 'Locks TextBox4, to prevent user from typing in it

    End If

    End Sub