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    Ugh..... Where do you keep that banging head against the wall emoji?

    And I have suspected a possible printer issue, but I wonder why printing it from a different computer to the same printer would also reproduce the problem

    I guess I'll have adjust the spreadsheet on the other computer and hope that fixes it for other users. The thing is that our Lexmark printer driver that handles the network printing is kind of a piece of crap and it does produce strange issues when printing certain things. I think the Urban Dictionary's definition of Lexmark pretty much sums up my feelings about Lexmark.

    The printers at my work on a network. The way it works is that when we print a document, it goes into a queue. From there we can go to any printer/copier in the building, swipe our badge and print the documents in our queue.

    I have considered that this may be the culprit, but my experiment yesterday seemed to prove this wrong because it was printed from a different computer (rather than my main work computer) and I still had the same problem even though I used the same printer I typically use with my credentials.

    So I just tried copying the file over to another computer that will take my credentials. I did this as a raw xlsx file and a zip file and I still had the exact same issue. I had the printer set to 'no scaling' for each attempt and I had the same result with the rows printing further off alignment as we move further down the sheet.

    It only seems to work on my main computer at work and I generally don't tinker with custom printer settings unless I have a specific need to in which case I wouldn't do with a spreadsheet. This problem is really driving me crazy.

    I apologize. I figured being a new user that I wouldn't have those privileges until after a few posts. I guess I should have read the rules.....

    I can't seem to edit my first post, so if you could remove the external links it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The reference files are attached to this post with a screenshot showing how the labels should look in the sheet for printing labels.

    I have this strange issue and I can't find a solution anywhere online for it, let alone anyone who has observed this strange behavior.

    I have this spreadsheet that I use for making labels to an Avery label template. The data is automatically populated into these cells which are sized precisely to work with the Avery 5366 label sheet template.

    As you can imagine, it was a PITA to make this work, but it is a major time saver and I've been using it for several years without issue at this point.

    Now, I have some co-workers who want to use this spreadsheet to make labels in the same way, but the problem is that when I send it to them via email, shared drive, or thumbdrive. The row heights shift size very slightly, causing the labels to print in the wrong location. The header/footer margins are not the issue at all as the labels at the top rows will print okay, but the location drifts off progressively towards the bottom of the sheet.

    Is there a way to correct this issue without having to resize each row to properly work with the label sheet? It took alot of trial and error to make this perfect and there is even offsetting involved in which I have to add an extra pixel to the height of every third row to keep everything aligned and I don't want to have to do it again.

    Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

    FWIW: The functionality of my spreadsheet does not involved VBA or macros. I don't recall if I originally used Office 2013 or 2016 when I created this spreadsheet, but we're on 2019 now and it still works fine for me.

    Images are linked below to better illustrate the issue.