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    Hi Friends,

    Need a small help in excel. In a cell I have multiple rows of data which includes text and numbers. I am trying to extract numbers after a specific text for eg :

    Data in a cell where I need to run the search say in cell A1:

    SUMMARY= AInitial#11
    ID= PIW0
    WORKDETAIL_SUBMIT_DATE= 2020-02-20 01:06:27 -0600
    TYPE= General Information
    SUMMARY= AVolume#11

    Search Result

    in Cell B1 RCA = 2
    in Cell C1 AVolume = 11
    in Cell D1 AVolume = 12
    in Cell E1 Volume = 222

    As per above example i want to extract any numbers after "RCA", “AVolume” “Volume” as shown above. The numbers can be vary in digits i.e. it can be 1 digit numbers or 4 or 6. Also, at times there is some other text in between (like # & =).

    Any formula to get result will be helpful please prefer formula instead of VBA, since i am not sure how to use VBA.

    Thanking all in advance ?

    Thank you István Hirsch as this formula worked like a charm. I am have a slight different issue and it will be really great if you can help me out.

    In the cell where I am using the formula to search I have two keywords AVolume# & Volume# and because the only difference is A it is not giving the correct result. Is there a way to search for an exact match