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    I answered almost the same question for you, that code needs adapting. I f you want to learn VBA then have a go.

    Sir, i m sorry , i m very new to VBA coding.....just started learning by recording & playing back the macros...

    then learning from your solution threads, your comment in codes are helpfull to me.....

    due to some office worloads i cant learn it full time :(

    i hope in somedays i will learn & try on my own....Thank you Sir

    Hi friends,

    i have a folder with bulk files in it, Here my task is

    STEP1: I need to open each & every file & check the sheet name called START, in this sheet E column cells contains text as PROCEED & also other texts,

    i just need this entire row to be highlighted if the cell contains word PROCEED.


    Then i need to go for B column in same sheet &

    here B column contains the sheet names (sheetA,sheetB,sheet1....etc)

    as per the sheet names in B column, the workbook also contains the sheets in the same names.

    Now i need to keep the sheets, only which are highlighted in above STEP1, rest all sheets can be deleted.

    Now the same process has to be repeated for the entire files in that folder.

    for better understanding i have attached the sample workbooks & manually higlighted some ROWS

    also changed the sheet name in RED, which are need & rest all to be deleted.

    i know its a big ask, but i m requesting some experts to help me.

    Thanks in Advance.not

    Sir, code almost working fine on all the files, only below things to be added to it.

    1) if i need to add one more word to check , like "Not Required" & "TAT"(this one is newly added)...How to do that sir?

    2) some of the sheet names are slightly different, instead of "START" it is updated as "START "

    a blank space at the end of sheet names making some troubles, is it possible to remove spaces at the end of sheet name.

    FYI...this sheet name (START) always comes at first position.

    Excuse me Sir ..if i m going very lengthy.... can i start the above request in a new post ?

    Hi Sir,

    Few things to get clarified.....

    1) if i need to add one more word to check , like "Not Required" & "Not checked"...How to do that?

    2) some of the sheet names are slightly different, instead of "START" it is updated as "START "

    a space at the last makes the code to get stopped there...please help me to resolve it Sir

    Sir, i have tried with your code, but its not happening, its opening the first file from the path & getting stopped.

    could you please have a look on it.

    Hi Ozgrid Friends,

    i m on seeking help regarding a manual task which i am doing..

    here my task is like....i have Folder, which contains many workbooks, each workbook contains a

    sheet called START, here in this START sheet, i need to checkout the B column

    for the specific Word/ Approximate match "Not Required:"

    if this word comes in B column, including that ROW & below ROWS has to be deleted from that sheet.

    the same has to be done for all the workbooks in that folder.

    in the attached sample workbook i have highlighed the ROWS in yellow, which has to be deleted.

    Requesting someone Expert to help me on this Task.sample book.xlsx