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    How do i enter a formula so that the same formula automatically goes into numerous cells in the same column.

    For example if i want to say in cell A1 =worksheet2A1

    then i want the same formula in cell A2 except it has to be =worksheet2A2

    I know theres a quick way of doing this cos i was shown it but i forgot something to do with dragging and highlighting.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hi again :) i think i may have over explained before, with the sheet stuff all i need to do is take the value derived from a calculation (final %) and put that automatically in another worksheet, so i simply need to somehow say whatever's in cell A8 for example put here in this different cell. If A8 changes its value it also automatically changes.

    Can i do that?

    Ok here goes....

    1. There has to be 15 worksheets they are:

    a. A Front summary sheet, containing all the students, and all the final results for all the subjects. This sheet also has a letter grade, and GPA. (1 worksheet)

    b. A summary for each of the 4 subjects math, english, science, geography. This has all the students names, grades, results, GPA. (4 worksheets)

    c. 10 classes (english) each split into 20 students showing names, and marks for 4 assignments, total mark, grade etc... (10 worksheets)

    Im fine with all that, im having trouble with the following.

    1. It says to "use the Sheet command to transfer all student data, from each English class of 20, to the appropriate English worksheet and subsequently to the main summary worksheet. The sheet must also be used to transfer the science, math and geography grades to the summary worksheet "

    On the marking scheme there is 10 marks for "using sheet command as required and also to transfer data from each english class to appropriate summaries"

    2. It says "Named ranges should be used where applicable. At least 2 different named ranges must be created and they must be used in calculations as appropriate."

    Whats a named range?

    In the marking scheme theres 10 marks for "creating and using named ranges within spreadsheet (at least 2 seperate uses)"

    Hope you can help ill attach the stuff tommorow i dont have it with me now, any help greatly appreciated.

    Hi thanks the assignment isnt mine but a friends, he has to work so couldnt attend lectures and he isnt very good with computers, i said id help cos im pretty good with PC's but ive only used excel once before some 4 years ago!

    Anyway the assignment is pretty specific on how it wants things done, im ok with most of it, although there are some aspects im sketchy on and need help.

    Ill write another reply with specifics, thanks for your help.

    Ok, ill quote the instructions i got...

    " You are required to create a spreadsheet that allows teachers to enter marks for students in their classes (a seperate sheet for each subject). The marks for the 200 students will eventually be AUTOMATICALLY transferred to a composite front summary worksheet with all students and all final results for all subjects shown "

    Further in the instructions it says this....

    You must also use the sheet command to transfer all student data from each English class of 20, to the appropriate English summary worksheet and subsequently to the main summary worksheet.

    Any ideas on how to do this? Each student has a unique ID # im not if i use this or not?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hi i have an assignment whereby i have to enter the results for 10 english classes each containing 20 students. These results are then automatically aupdated into an overall english summary worksheet and also into a overall summary worksheet (containing other subjetcs as well as english) the question sheet says to do this using the 'sheet command' any ideas on how to do this?