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    I have a working Mail Merge Code which is contained in a Module. Then I use the call function to run the mail merge code on the document. Please find the working code below.

    Now Here are the issues I am facing.

    1) Currently I have created separate set of codes for each word document template (which contains mailmerge fields linked to excel file) by changing filenames in code lines 7 & 17. It would be helpful if a dialog box opens up asking for the Word document template which needs to be used for mail merge.

    2) Currently I was not gettion a proper code for saving the resultant merge document and closing the instance of the word application. I was using code line 41. I need a code for the same.

    3) Though the Word template uses field codes like \@ dd-MMM-yyyy to force the word to output dates in that format.. it does not seem to work for random dates which appears in several places. I need help in resolving this issue

    Hello Friends,

    I have searched the forum for suitable answers and didnt find solution to My Problem.

    I have uploaded One Excel Macro Enabled Document and 2 Word templates. Basically, I have some textboxes where I enter data and this data is updated to last row of the excel file. Then I will choose the template I want from the combo box and click the generate report button. My problem now is I am unable to find a suitable code which can extract data from last row of excel do a mail-merge to the word template which is selected from the dropdown combo-box.

    I would appreciate some help and suggestions here.

    Hi Friends,

    I have a Excel Workbook with 2 worksheets.

    Worksheet " Central Acts" has 2 columns and Worksheet "State Acts" has 31 columns. When workbook is opened a userform will load and this userform has a combobox and listbox.

    When I select the value "Central Acts" in the combo box, the List box should be filled up with the 2 columns from the worksheet "central acts".

    When I select any other value from the combo box, the Listbox should be filled up with the data in the worksheet "state acts" with the data contained in same column as the value selected in combo box.

    Looking for your help and solution.