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    I am running the following code which looks at two different cell values to determine if a date/time should be inserted into a third cell. I am receiving a Run-Time91 error and it is highlighting the "If On5.Value" line. This procedure is called inside another procedure which causes a change to the cells values. Any ideas on why I'm getting the error?

    I am running the following code and for some reason it is finding the 1st empty cell in a completely different range. For example, it goes to the 1st empty cell in the "AA19:AA24" range. I just ran it and it went to cell "AA20" because AA19 already had a value in it and every cell in the "AA11:AA17" range was empty. I'm sure it is something simple that I am missing but I just can't figure it out. Any ideas?

    I am running the following selection change event however it only works AFTER I select a different cell and then re-select the target cell. The target cell had a drop down list for the user to select either dayshift or nightshift. I tried to have it programmatically select a different cell before re-selecting the target however that ended up in an endless loop or sorts. Any ideas on how to get this to work immediately after the user make a selection?

    Yes. The dashboard is the main page while the received page kind of hangs out in the background. What happens is there is data placed on the dashboard page, that data is searched for on the "received" page & when it's found, the value in column B should be changed depending on whether the option button is checked or not. For example, if the option button is selected, column B will be changed to "Manual Digestion-Acid Consumption-Retest". If the option is not selected, then column B will be changed to "Manual Digestion-Acid Consumption".

    It is finding the correct row & making the changes as required however it is also changing the "header" cell in column B(cell B1). Any ideas?


    I'm pretty new at this and have received a lot of help through this forum but I need just a little more help with an issue I can't seem to figure out. I am running this code and it works fine other than in addition to changing the cell in column B of the found row, it also changes the value in cell B1. In that cell I have a name of "Department" which should not be changed. The only value that should be changed is in the cell 2 columns to the left of the found cell value. Can anyone tell me what I have wrong here?

    Here is my code:

    Did that with no luck. I did however remove the password protections and it started working again. So instead of protecting the sheet, I just applied conditions to the critical cells and that seems to be working. Thank you for taking the time to look.


    I have been running this macro which worked great until yesterday. It copies a range & creates a temporary jpg which is supposed to be pasted into the body of an email however since yesterday it has been pasting an old jpg image instead of the current one. I stepped into the code & ran it to the line that copies the range and it is working correctly up to that point. I verified by running it until after the "copy" line, then opening a blank word file & pasting. It is pasting the currently copies image. However if I run the code, it still pasted an old image from 5 days ago to be exact. Can anyone help me out on this?

    I am having the hardest time with copying and pasting which shouldn't be so difficult. This code is only pasting the # of used cells in the range when it should be copying whatever values are in that range"D4:D43". Also, this is a dynamic range meaning that not all rows will contain data and therefore not all rows will need to be copied each time. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong here?

    This is a tracker workbook which follows samples through a process using their sample ID tag. On the main “Nucomat-Dashboard” tab, the operator has the ability to import incoming sample ID’s in cells D4:D36. The operator can then “load” them to a unit which will process them by clicking the corresponding button(Unit 5, etc.). Once the operator is finished with the samples, we need a way to show that they are done and have been forwarded to one of several other departments(Manual, Herzog, etc.) To do this, they scan the ID’s into cells K4:K36 on the main sheet and then click the corresponding button depending on which department will be receiving the samples.

    I need a code that will find the list of ID’s on “Nucomat-Dashboard” sheet in cells K4:K36 in the “Received” sheet and move them to the “Completed” sheet under the appropriate column depending on which button is pressed on the “Nucomat-Dashboard” sheet. The formatted ID is one column to the right of the ID that will need to be moved.

    Currently, the code copies the list and pastes it in the next available cell under the correct column on the “Completed” sheet however I really need it to move them from the “Received” to “Completed” sheet to prevent the “Received” sheet from having outdated information.

    Then anyone can locate a sample by clicking on the “Sample Finder Magic Machine” button which brings up a user form to fill out. This part works great so I just need a way to move the ID’s from one sheet to the other instead of copy and paste.

    I am still having trouble. So what I would like to do is include a step in the module that controls the "Outgoing Sample Log" area of the sheet that deletes the cells with matching data on the "Received" sheet. For example, when data is typed into the K4:K36 cells and the button "Manual" is clicked it will copy those values onto the Completed sheet. I would like to add that step of deleting them from the Received sheet at the same time. Is there a code line that could be inserted to do that?