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    This is where it gets complicated. So if a match is found in column B then delete that row in columns B-E, if found in column G then delete that row in columns G-J, and if found in column L then delete that row in columns L-O.

    Basically the data in column B, G, and L are raw data's which through a series of formulas gets "trimmed" down into formatted data as shown in columns E,J, and O. I was unsuccessful in combining the "trimming" formulas so I had to spread them out in 3 steps(columns).

    That worked perfectly!! Thank you so much. I had been working on this problem for several days.

    Would you be willing to solve the only other problem I am having with this? I am trying to figure out how to have data deleted from the "Received" worksheet as soon as it appears on the "Completed" worksheet. Is there a code that will allow a search to run along with the codes when the any of the subs are run on Module 2?

    I am a new self-taught coder looking for some help on a project. I have a worksheet that has several columns and rows of data which change often through the day. I am wanting to get a Userform so that a user can input a value and it will search a worksheet and return the column header value(i.e column name) AND the data in the cell just to the right of the found value. I have it working so that it can pull up the data to the right cell but can't seem to figure out how to have it also return the value in the column header. Both returns should come back to separate textboxes. Can anyone help me out on this please? Here is a screenshot of the code I am using and the worksheet it references.