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    I posted this question yesterday, but wanted to include an example sheet of the issue I'm having. I didn't include one yesterday, because I don't have the issue even when I move the sheet to my second monitor, so I'm not sure if anyone else will be able to duplicate my problem. The problem I have is when I have the attached Excel file opened and filling my primary monitor's screen, and I'm scrolled all the way to the left of the sheet, and then I click to expand the grouped rows using the + sign in row 22 of the "Grouping Issue" tab, it freezes my Excel. Below is my original post from yesterday.

    In one of my workbook sheets, I have a section of about 10 rows that I've grouped together. When I go to ungroup the rows using the "+" sign, it freezes Excel -- BUT, it only freezes if the following conditions are met:

    • If I'm scrolled all the way over to the left of the sheet - if I scroll over even one column so that column A is no longer showing, I can expand without issue.
    • If Excel is maximized on my monitor - if I'm anything less than full screen, I can expand without issue.
    • If I'm on my primary monitor - if I drag excel over to my second monitor, I can expand/regroup without any issue, whether maximized or not.

    I've never had this issue with any other workbook, and I'm completely stumped since it's such a narrow set of circumstances that causes this -- however, this set of circumstances is how I use excel and the sheet 99% of the time, so it's a big problem for me!

    Gotcha, thanks again for your help! I might pose this grouping question in the general forum because I can't find anything on it. Oddly, this isn't a problem on my main monitor either as long as I don't have the excel window maximized...very odd.

    Thanks a lot for your responses Roy! Really appreciate it.

    I have been playing with the file, and I agree now that it my ungroup problem doesn't appear to be associated with the vba code. Thanks for the alternate code; I may try it if I have any problems -- do you know if one or the other of these codes is less resource intensive? Thanks again!

    However, with the grouping/ungrouping issue, I noticed something very strange -- when I ungroup the cells, it only freezes when I'm scrolled all the way to the left side of the page, and only when I use my main monitor. If I scroll over the right of the excel sheet, and then ungroup the cells by pressing the "+" sign, it works. If I'm over to the left and press the "+" sign, it freezes up. ALSO, if I move the entire workbook over to my secondary monitor, I have no problems grouping/ungrouping those cells at all. This is very bizarre, and I've never experienced anything like it. Do you have any thoughts on what could be causing this issue?

    New/Beginner in VBA here -- in one of my workbook sheets, I have two dropdowns in two different cells (named the cells "Unit_Mix_Option" and "Ops Option") where I can select certain text (either "simple" or "detailed"). When I select "detailed", I want it to pull up different sheets listed below. However, I believe that the code I'm using below (I just added this code by right-clicking on the tab and adding it to the "view code" section) is causing my workbook to become unstable. After adding it, I'm finding that my excel freezes when I open up some grouped cells on a different sheet (never happened before adding this code). Do you think that the way its written below is causing this separate issue in another part of my workbook? If so, is there another way for me to code this?