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    I'm responsible for the 4 very large Excel workbooks in my company. Each workbook has 19-20 sheets that are dedicated to individuals for tracking time on projects. It's quite detailed. I have incorporated due dates for meeting compliances on each individuals timesheet and I would like to have a pop-up appear if that individual's compliance is coming due 10 work days before the final due date.

    Due to the size of the workbooks, I'm including snippets of what I need to accomplish. I hope this helps because this would really help for each team I'm responsible for.

    The attachment iEvolve-MasterDoc is the master sheet (hidden within the workbook) from which sheets A-Z are getting the data from (Compliance name, Due Date, etc.).

    The attachment Sheet A-iEvolve shows how this section looks in each sheet A-Z. I need a pop-up that will tell each individual (Sheets A-Z) when their compliance is coming due 10 working days before the due date. Each individual does not complete their compliances on the same date, so though the due date remains the same, their completion dates will be different on all sheets A-Z (not sure if that matters or not for the pop-up)

    I hope this makes sense. Here's hoping someone can help me out please :) I certainly would appreciate it.

    iEvolve Master Doc

    Sheet A-iEvolve