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    I want to average a range of MSE but I get a debug message "Method 'Range' of Object ' _Global' failed.

    these are my code and i've got debug on

    MeanMSEMod = Application.WorksheetFunction.Average(Range(MSEMod))

    StdDevMSEMod = Application.WorksheetFunction.StDev(Range(MSEMod))

    I have Microsoft Macro Excel file and having trouble when i click solve or resolve. I get a spinning circle and i see Not Responding message on top of Excel like a picture that i attached. I think the code is perfect enough because i'm not get any error or debug message. I think it's because the file need many data so it get error.

    Can you kindly explain it to me how to fix it? I attach my file too, thank you.

    My 2nd Excercise.xlsm

    I'm sorry i was not follow the rulers before. I try to input data through form to the last empt sheet on table, and i get continously error. Can anyone kindly tell me the reason of it and how to fix it. Thanks you. I have watched many videos before and still get stuck. These are my codes and where's the error at.

    Hi, i start ro learn VBA. This is my first project and i get stuck at input data through form to the next empty row. I try to fixed it with watch so many videos about it for 4 days, but i still can't fix it. So please kindly tell me, why i get this error and how to fix it. Thank you.

    These are my vba codes.

    n = Worksheets("ListItem").Range("TglOrderMasuk" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row + 1
    Worksheets("ListItem").Range("TglOrderMasuk" & n).Value = txbOrderMasuk.Value Worksheets("ListItem").Range("NamaBuyer" & n).Value = txbBuyer.Value Worksheets("ListItem").Range("KodePO" & n).Value = txbPO.Value Worksheets("ListItem").Range("NamaProduk" & n).Value = txbNamaBarang.Value Worksheets("ListItem").Range("JenisWig" & n).Value = txbJenisWig.Value Worksheets("ListItem").Range("QtyOrder" & n).Value = txbQOrder.Value