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    1. Yes, the named range was named listsheets after all the sheets were created. I have created worksheet with INDEX list of all the worksheets. Because they still will be being added with time. So I wanted to track them there.

    2. Yes, I have saved the workbook after all these operations.

    But the formula still returns 0's,

    Another problem is whenever I re-open the file my listsheets is gone from the Name Manager. I have to do it over again. Could this be a problem?


    Hi all,

    I'm running into an issue with the SUMPRODUCT formula returning 0 instead of the actual values.


    "'"&listsheets&"'!C2:C358" - here is where I am looking for an item code

    $A$2 - here is the input of the item code

    "'"&listsheets&"'!D2:D358" - here is where the quantity (value) of the item should be returned

    It worked with the first few worksheets but when I add more (and there is a lot of them) formula starts to return 0's instead.