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    Heyy buddy, that formulas helped.

    I am preparing this sheet on a professional level and I dont want a dummy or a reference column to show up and spoil the datasheet. Of course I can hide the reference column, but I was looking for an alternative solution.
    Offset command helped me achieve the formatting of column A directly and I no longer needed the Column C.

    Thank you for your guidance. It helped. :)


    I have been learning excel and found it interesting using the functions. Doing so, stuck in a situation and I am here again seeking for some help.
    Please fetch the attached file for perusal. My Team.xlsx

    Intro :
    Column A : Name of member
    Column B : Activity Status (Active, Idle, Left)
    Using conditional formating I have set colour codes to the Column B to Green, Yellow, and Red respectively.

    Problem :
    I wish to set the cell format of all the names in column A to automatically copy to the adjoining cell format as in column B.
    So as when I update the data in column B, the format of the respective person should be automatically updated.

    Please guide me.

    This is exactly what I was looking for. That data sheet enitirely has about 560+ alternate combinations.
    You have made it easy for me to search the required data.
    Thank you. :):thumbup:


    I have been learning excel and found it interesting using the functions. Doing so I am stuck in a situation where I have to use a LARGE function with a criteria to select a specific value.
    Please fetch the attached file Grid India - Cable Selection.xlsx and refer the below points.

    Yellow cells are the Input values consisting of manual input in (C4) and drop down selection in (D4:G4)
    Green is where I need the final output (I4).

    Problem faced :
    Red is the cell I need to work on. Here the next LARGE value (w.r.t. C4) popping up should also fulfill the criterias of all other yellow cells (input cells).

    Please guide me.