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    Re: Row keep coming up missing in a Excel 10 workbook saved as a .xls file, mysteriou

    I am thinking I will just replace the sheet and see what happens down the road, hoping is just a 2003 to 2010 version "quirk"

    I have a simple list file in excel 2010, but I have to save in an .xls format since most users on our network have excel 2003.

    Every now and again, I go into one of the tabs and I find out that row 25 has been deleted, which ultimately affects every column that has a list that exceeds that row.

    I have the file password protected, so I know it is not another user doing this.

    It happens intermittently, I cannot seem to detect a pattern to it.

    a) has anyone else experienced or heard of this happening,

    b) does anyone have an explanation of why, or how to stop this from happening?


    Re: combining macros from several modules to one module for easy export

    Thanx cytop, I was figuring the copy/paste method would be the faster, was just hoping that someone else had run into the issue and got "automated" resolution.

    The issue I had was it was modules from 40+ spreadsheets, some with upwards of 12 Modules and 30+ macros.

    Problem is taken care of, and I thank you for your time!

    Re: Trying to convert the NOW to a number for use in a workbook name

    Thank-you for the response, I tried your code and it worked for the date, just would've had to expand on it to cover the time, as I need this to make a copy every time it is closed without overwriting the previous one.

    I also found that I could take care of it with the following line:

    abcStr = Format(Now(), "mmddyy hmmss")

    Thanx again for taking the time!!

    I am trying to do a SaveAs from a CloseEvent that will add a "bu_" and a unique number before the

    How do I get the NOW to not have the /'s and :'s that show up?

    Here is what I have so far...what am I missing? (abcStr is where I am having the issue)

    abcStr = Abs(Now)
    SaveDir = "C:\Users\cverbesk\Documents\Excel Backups 10-19-12\"
    MsgBox ("Workbook Will Be Backed Up Before Closing")
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (SaveDir & "bu" & abcStr & "_" & ActiveWorkbook.Name)
    MsgBox ("Backup has been created")


    Hi, I have a number in A1, another number in B1, a Date in C1.
    In D1, I am referencing all 3 of the other cells: =CellA1 & "-" & CellB1 & "----" & CellC1. Trouble is the date is coming through as a number. Is there a way that I can get the date to show as displayed as opposed to the value of the cell?

    thanx so much!

    Greetings, I have a particular column containing data similar to:

    I have sorted the data to have all the X marks together, and now I want to run a counter so i can select the data and delete. Following is a sample of the code that is NOT working:

    Thanx in advance for any help!!

    Re: Autosum For Single Cell In Vba

    You are correct, in that while in Step Into mode, this produces an endless loop. However, when I run the macro, it actually does NOT get caught in a loop....mostly. The initial problem I got was when a block of data was only 1 row, the Autosum was putting in a Formula in the cell that looked like:
    =SUM(P15P15) you can see there was no colon, but should have looked like: =SUM(P15) in the 1st place. I did get it to run ok yesterday, didn't do anything to code, just ran, re-ran, etc...
    After reading your post, I did go in and changed the 1 line to offset(2, -1) and haven't seen the "situation" yet (ran about 4 different times with changing data)...knock on wood *smile*
    I thank you very much for taking the time.
    Gosh, I really like this place!

    Greetings, I have a macro that takes a large block of info, sorts it by certain criteria, then adds blank rows, and puts in Autosum for the various blocks of info. Problem occurs when a particular "block" of info is only 1 row.
    Any dirty little tricks to keep the macro running past this roadblock?
    The section of code looks like

    Thanx in advance! Chris