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    Im attaching a example of my workbook. It is kinda brief but i think you will get the pic of what im wanting. I want all the resale items for each month that is listed to be filtered out show up as a total on the YTD sheet. Cell C48.

    I only want the total amout to show up on YTD page Cell C48.


    That wont work for this situation. what i really have is a column on each 12 months that has different sale descriptions in it like ( resale, insurence, supplies) and and a column that has the amount for each of the previous mentioned items. I want to filter out all that says resale and all the totals amounts for resale in the other column and add the amounts up and place that total in a cell on another worksheet . Tried to explain that to the best of my ability. Not sure how to do that.




    What i want to do is:

    1. In column D over 12 worksheets i have the words or description of : resale, Labor, utility. depending on what is said the items was.

    2. In column E I have a dollar amount listed in those 12 worksheets.

    3. There are 15 worksheets in this workbook named ( Jan-Dec, Year to date, option page, New equip repairs)

    4. What i want to do is with this information i gave you is: I want to search thru column D of all 12 worksheets and extract the word resale and in column E i want to extract the dollar amount that is connected with the word resale.

    5. Then i want to to add all the amounts that are associated with resale over all 12 months and put them in A45 cell on the worksheet named "Year to date".

    The problem is i don't know if i use a VLOOKUP formula or i use some sort of macro. I'm just kind of lost on this one.


    posted also:…om-12-worksheets.1161876/


    I did test the userform and i want to say thanks for helping me.

    what i thought could possible happen when i opened the userform the date would show up in that textbox instead of haveing to click the textbox and the datepicker show up and me pick the date.

    if it does that i didnt see it doing that and not sure that can happen either.


    Wow Carim thank you !

    Couple other thing that i was wondering about:

    1. when i click that text box and the calender pops up can it be set up to where it will default to the current date and show up in the textbox?

    2. can you explain the class modules to me and how they work? i did some research but didnt get much out of the research.




    What im wanting to do is this (There are 6 Datepickers in the workbook)

    1. I want to be able to when i open a userform in excel i want to have the Date picker to default to the current date.

    2. I want know in the code that im about to post what code i should use to make this happen and where to put it in the macro. This code is in the initialize part of the workbook.

    3. Im going to attach the excel file also.

    4.The Date picker i have used is the one that is in the tool box in the visual basic.

    5. If you cant tell me how to do this with the toolbox please let me know how it can be done with my code that i have by adding more code or how ever.


    Roy where would i place the above code in my code that i have. Here is my initialize code. im not sure where to put the above code in this code. this code is running a userform.