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    Thanks for replying

    What I need is drawing No.s of the Parts list sheet column F into the job card Master sheet column B.

    The column E on both sheets match then the Drawing No in column B in Job Card Master to fill with the correct Drawing number from Parts List sheet Column F.

    Trust that makes sense

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    Trying to use match & Index with specified ranges

    Match, Index & function connect or talk to each other?

    See code below

    I am trying to fill the row above a value in column C in color.

    There can be 1 row above or 2 rows above the column C value. So if it`s 2 rows then just the first row above the value in the C column fills

    When I try it here there is no debugging shows up?

    When you say controls unavailable what do you mean?

    This is the issue but how can I overcome this

    It doesn't fill row 22 because there are not 2 blank rows above C23.

    It fills 26 instead of 27 because it's still counting the one blank line that is above C23 when it gets to row 27

    Then the blank of 27 goes with the blank of 40 for the belief of 2 blank rows above C41



    I created a VBA code to fill in color to rows which works fine except for some reason all the rows don't fill in example row 22 and row 27. Rows 22 & 27 have text in row below in column C

    Then row 26 does for some unknown reason?

    Column C has text in so the row above the text should fill with color.

    I`ve pasted the code below