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    Thanks for your help, found this on Mrexcel forum and it works;

    If InStr(1, dataArray(i, searchField), searchValue, vbTextCompare) > 0 Then

    With a Option Compare Text at the start.

    Thank you again for the help


    Currently I can search if i know either tthe full code, description or size as i can select which coloumn to search in using E4, but am after a way to search in those coloumns for a partial part of the code, description or size.

    Thanks for your help I know I'm being a bit of a pain.

    Regarding your first example ' Part of the name as in Jo for John ' ... using "*" & searchValue & "*" should work ...

    Have you tested this particular example ?

    Regarding your second example ' Part of the ID ' ... this field (cell E4) was not mentioned in your first message ...

    If I put that in, then none of the searches work, even the exact match.

    Sorry I missed out the E4 part.



    I am after some help, I've got a macro for searching multiple worksheets/books and print to Dashboard the results.

    Only problem is it has to be exact matches. I am looking for help to make it look for partial, as several people will have access and not all know the correct names/id's

    Many thanks for any help. I am new to this and got my macro from elsewhere.

    Attached is the file that I got from someone else, just need to adapt it to partial search if possible?