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    hi there!

    i need help figuring out how best to accomplish a little project i'm working on in excel.

    i've attached my excel file here and will do my best to explain what i need help with below.

    - i have 5 sheets with all data input into Total Schedule, which feeds into 'Breakdown By Day'

    - i want to have the info in 'Breakdown By Day' generate rows and auto-populate with info in each of the 'Sign Up Sheets', per specific position/shift (RN, PCA, and HUC / Day & Night)

    - i don't know how to phrase exactly what i'm looking for, but i'll try my best and also include a 'Mock Up' sheet in the workbook of what i'm trying to do, too...

    - i want to generate an amount of rows (as determined by E Column in 'BBD' sheet), that are auto filled with data from B, C, & D columns (on 'BBD' sheet)

    - so if i need 5 RNs for Day Shift on 3/15, the formula/macro will create 5 rows in 'Sign Up Sheet Day RN' that have data filled in like [3/15 | Day | 7A-7P] and some additional formatting that i'll add on the sheet later.

    - you can see the 'Mock Up' sheet to see what i'm hoping to do

    please let me know if i can clarify anything. i'm not an expert in excel obviously, so i'm grateful for any help!!