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    hey sorry, i didnt get a email notification, just looking over this now

    Before diving into the intricacies of re-coding everything ....:cursing:

    Safer to get a formal confirmation :

    1. F to J
    2. G to I
    3. H to K
    4. I to G
    5. J to H
    6. K to F
    7. L to L

    that is correct :thumbup:

    Im okay with selection 2!!!! Thank you!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH:):):):):):):):):):)

    hey just got in, works great, you gonna hate me lol

    so i decided to rearrange some columns lol, keep customer information to the left and bin information to the right

    I can do the formula tweaking for the drop down menus.

    but not the macro lol

    here is the file of what i want to switch around

    Name of new columns are in brackets inside the header

    Also for Column F (Extra Days)

    1 Day=$15

    2 Days=$30....etc

    So iF i type "1", can that price be automatically added to the bin price in Column C once entered?

    very grateful!!!!!

    ok i noticed one lil thing

    the function that replicates the row from "Main sheet" to the next available row in "Outstanding Bins" and "Overweight bin" only copies to the next available row downwards, not upwards.

    So if i delete the information in row 3 in outstanding bins sheet and overweight bin sheet, and add another row of information from the main sheet that copies to outstanding bin sheet or overweight bin sheet, that information replicates to row 4, not row 3..

    then again, it may not need to be tweaked because i can sort it?

    these will be the regular colors ill be using

    and yes that is a good starting point

    just got in, here i go!!! lol

    ok attach is fake data

    as you can see there is different rows colored in random order. when this is ready ill have 37 rows ready to be filled in which will continue to grow, and instead of scrolling up and down looking for a paid bin, a delivered bin or a collected bin, i can sort them by color from the top.

    Now lets say i want to organize all the row paid bins in green. I will double click the Date Paid Green Header and it will sort them from the top.

    Now lets say i want to organize all the row delivered bins in red. I will double click the Date Delivered Red Header and it will sort them from the top.

    the Date Collected Yellow Header and Overweight Fee Blue Header will follow the same function

    "Because, as you know the colors are generated by the values ... so sorting the Values should also sort your Colors"

    what i noticed is, when i doubled click the headers, it sorts the value but it doesnt group and sort the colored rows together. Is it possible to sort the colored rows without using the inputted values to sort?

    Now for the replication to other sheets

    the function to copy from the Main Sheet to Outstanding Sheet is correct!

    "should only be done IF Date Paid (Column F) was empty"


    the function to copy from Main Sheet to Overweight Bins is different

    "should only copy IF Overweight Fee (Column L) was filled in"

    Damn I never got this notification....

    1. I will double check the sorting again when i get home. I think what's happening is

    Let's say

    date delivered is filled in for 4 rows(red)

    And for another 4 rows(yellow)

    Date delivered and date Collected is filled in.

    When I click on date delivered, instead of grouping the red rows together it grouped

    2 row red at the top

    1 row yellow

    2 rows red

    1 row yellow

    Instead of grouping all red rows at the top and all yellow rows at the bottom depending on ascending or descending.

    2. That logic is correct if I deliver a bin and pick it up without getting paid and it copies to outstanding bins

    But for overweight Fee, there is no restrictions, when i type a value in that cell, it copies right away

    ok so are you ready lol

    the sorting works, but its sorts what values are in the columns cells. what im aiming for if possible is to sort the row colors instead

    also i noticed something when replicating the overweight fee to the overweight sheet.

    it does this only when date delivered, date collected and overweight fee are is filled in.

    that function works perfectly!

    but lets say i fill in date delivered, date paid, date collected, and then overweight fee, it doesn't replicate.