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    sorry got distracted by phone calls

    Sorry was distracted from phone calls, I decided to delete the master sheet, won't need to keep track of previous jobs if they are done

    Changing colors will happen in the master sheet and the only change of color in the other sheet will happen when i input a value in date paid, they will turn green.

    I just realized something, all the row values should be replicated from the main sheet to the overweight bin sheet except date paid column So when the overweight is paid, the row will turn green from blue....

    That would be soon awesome, there is one final step. I'm not sure if it's possible.

    Online iv seen people use a click function on their column headers to sort a column instead of using the sort & filter. I was wondering if this is possible for rows.

    For example let's say I want to sort date delivered bins, I can just click on the date delivered header and will sort all the rows in red to the top based on the date it was delivered, same thing goes for date paid, date Collected, and overweight Fee. And to sort everything back to it's original position I click on the "bin #" that possible?

    good morning, im off work today.....ok so are you ready lol

    alright here i go

    So, the only time the row is replicated to the outstanding bins sheet is when a value is inputted in date collected column and if date paid column is blank from the main sheet.

    if there is a value inputted in date paid column, then the row is not replicated when a value is inputted in date collected column

    and the only time the row is replicated to the overweight bin sheet is when a value from the main sheet is inputted in overweight fee column

    real world example

    Customer calls and I input information for the day. When delivered the row turns red, this lets me know its a bin that hasn't been picked up

    if paid the row turns green, which means the row doesn't need to be replicated. but if i dump the bin and is overweight, i input the value row changes blue and its replicated to the overweight bin sheet so i know to contact customer.

    Now if the bin is collected and not paid for, I input the value, row changes to yellow, and is replicated to the outstanding bin sheet so I know to follow up with customers. And like before if overweight, row changes blue and is replicated to overweight bin sheet.

    ok i hope that clarifies lol

    hey, busy day, just checked the work perfectly but...

    ok let me try and explain

    so the macro i had someone help me with, its function is to copy and auto populate the next available row in outstanding balances sheet only if date delivered and date collected is filled but not date paid, and for the overweight fee, if filled, it will auto fill the next available row in overweight sheet. So when i click on the outstanding balance sheet, the row will also be copied yellow from the main.

    the file you sent me does exactly that except it copies the first color(red) used in the row from the main sheet, not the last color(yellow) if that makes sense. for example main sheet row will be yellow, but when auto copied, the row in overweight sheet will stay red not yellow......

    hey i just want to say i appreciate all this, its been on my mind for 2 month!!

    Could you friend next to you who has already designed the first macro help you out ... ?;)

    I'm not sure if he/she could, i posted the question on mrexcel around a month..and got a response for that macro...then I asked about changing the row color and the moderator told me to start a new post...I did and never got help for it. Believe it or not, you are the only person who has helped me with this situation....also forgot to mention wittwer from vertex, it was a free expense sheet i download around a year ago and modified it.

    hey Carim I took a look at your file, I apologize, looks great, I forgot to mention I wanted to highlight the entire row, A3 to L3 etc... So if I input a value in Date delivered, the row is highlighted red. Then if I enter a value in date collected, the row will change to yellow, and when its finally paid, it will change to green. Sometimes it might be paid before collected, that means the row can change from green to really trying to have it setup so the colors can be overridden no matter what order a value is inputted if you get what I mean.....Appreciate it

    hey royk

    the issue i was running into with conditional formatting was between Date Paid and Date Collected. So if the row changed green when paid, then yellow when collected, that would work perfectly but if it was vice versa the row will stay yellow and not turn green.

    I have 4 headers representing colors

    Date Paid = Green
    Date Delivered = Red
    Date Collected = Yellow
    Overweight Fee = Blue

    My data starts at row 3

    Date Paid starts at "F3"

    Date Delivered starts at "G3"

    Date Collected starts at "H3"

    Overweight Fee starts at "L3"

    To make it simple, if any type of value is inputted into these columns I just want the row to change color to the related headers and the rows to change colors again if I input values in other columns.