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    The list in the example was creating by putting two plant's lists together.

    If there was just one plant, there would be just unique materials (each of the material just once), no duplicates. Each material would have one line, stating the plant (always the same, because it would be just from one plant) and the PO date. Note - this "to-be" original plant would contain just one PO for one material.

    But, given there are two plants which order independently and have overlap, some of the material is duplicated (is there twice). I need to remove one of the duplicates - and it has to be the older one. It doesn't matter for which plant it is, each material just has to be there "just once" with the most recent PO. Hopefully I'm making sense :) Thank you very much for your time already! I appreciate it.

    Hello, first time posting here,

    hopefully I'm posting this in the correct forum,

    I'm dealing with excel files containing material, marked with unique material number/id, for multiple plants. This creates overlap as multiple plants use the same material, however in different time.

    I need to remove duplicates, however in a way that duplicates get removed based on the date, starting with the oldest, until there are no duplicates. This would create a list on material, each stated once with unique number/id, regardless of plant, with the latest date.

    Thank you for your input!