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    I’m sorry, I try myself at VBA coding but still not very good at it ?

    So I have some macros that work, but before running them I need to import data into the workbook my macros are in.

    So I want to have one workbook open with the macros (let’s call it code workbook), and then the source is a CSV workbook (1 column, x lines) which should also be open.

    Basically I want to be able to click on a button in the first sheet of the Code Workbook, and then have a popup box listing all open workbooks for me to choose from.

    Then when I chose the Source Workbook from the popup box, I would like the data of the first sheet of the Source Workbook (which always has a different name, because it’s extracted from another software) to be copied and pasted in another sheet of my Code Workbook.

    Then I’ll figure out a way to run the macros I do have.

    Is this something difficult ? I don’t know where to start …