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    Hmmmmm? Request for assistance post deleted by a moderator (at the request of the poster) after a solution was posted (without acknowledgement of the assistance provided) or any comment as to why the query was deleted? Most unusual. I'll return to volunteering my time at other sites. Dave

    Hi rharri1972. I'm not real sure about your needs for double clicking and/or selecting a select button? If you want to select the part number in the listbox as U type, it seems the following code will work. You will need to adjust the sheet name and range to where your part numbers are located. U need a userform1 that has a listbox1 and a textbox1 on it. HTH. Dave

    Userform code...

    Hi Akhus. Seems like you're not having much luck with this one. The likely reason is that the Word document(s) are poorly formatted for data retrieval. This will get U started. You will need to change the folder path to suit. Expand the "SearchWord" array to include all of the search items in the same order of your Sample wb headers.... note that the SearchWord items are case sensitive and must be what is in the document NOT what U have for headers in your Sample wb. Good luck. Dave

    Hi Harry. I've had this problem before with copying sheets containing named ranges from wb to wb. I resolved it by adding the sheets to be copied to a collection and then copying the collection items to the wb. HTH. Dave

    Re: Create Word Report From Named Ranges

    Your use of Path is an issue. Here's some archive code that should help. Good luck! Dave
    ps. sorry code author unkown

    Re: Create Word Report From Named Ranges

    I think you need to open the .dot file containing the bookmarks not add it. Also your use of Path as a String variable is probably not good as Path has a specific meaning. HTH. Dave

    Re: Cell For Cell Data Transfer Script

    I was sort of wanting to learn how to do this, so here's some code to transfer an XL range cell to cell to a Word table. The Word table is generated by XL and sized by the XL range. In this test the used range is the XL range. There's abit of extra code for inserting text before and after the table. Not sure about your header aches but I hope this is of some benefit for you. Have a nice day. Dave

    Re: Search For Any Non-alpha Characters

    It seems like something like the following code should work for turns any cell containing letters blue. I suspect that you probably want to re-organize the logic to highlight cells if they contain any ascii character other than numbers (this would address those pesky square thingees (end of line/end of paragraph characters) that can occur depending upon the "dumping method"). If the problem is thingees and the only reason your highlighting these cells is to make manual changes (yuck) to remove same thingees, then consider using the Clean function. HTH. Dave

    Re: Formula Entry Into Chart Title

    If you want to trial a VBA solution, here's some example code that should get you started. HTH. Dave

    Re: Use Vba To Reformat Any Bulleted List That Has Lost Its Formatting?

    Hi FD. I hope this post will be helpful. It seems I recently endeavoured to achieve something similiar to what your after. If you add some custom styles to your doc you can use VBA to apply them within the context of a find. Perhaps you could search for a keyword or simply the line feed character and then apply the styles you need to reformat the doc. See the posts on styles in this link (just ignore the other dribble). It is XL VBA but perhaps it will give you some ideas to trial. HTH. Dave