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    Thank you guys so much for helping me out royUK & Carim! :)

    royUK this code is what I was looking for and more. Really appreciate your expertise and insights.

    Sub RunMe()
    Dim rCl As Range
    Set rCl = Cells(Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Offset(, 1) '
    With rCl
    .Value = Format(Date, "Short Date")
    .Offset(1).Resize(3, 1) = Range("F2:F4").Value
    End With
    End Sub

    Okay I'll try to explain my issue again, real sorry about that.

    Im tracking my inventory balance daily for various meats at the end of each day.

    Currently, I want to store all values of column F (balance stock) in column G using a macro button. I've added an IF function that gives TODAY date when the value in stored in column G1.

    I hope that whenever I adjust the balance stock the following day in column F and click the button, it will save the new balance in another column H. Then the date in H1 will update accordingly.

    I aim to do this moving forward, and my initial issue was not knowing how to apply my code to the whole of Column F (which will have Pork, Chicken, Beef etc.) I could only apply my code to the "Pork" row even though I've achieved the storing of values portion.

    I hope this is a little clearer!:)

    Hey Guys,

    Really Appreciate your responses! Sorry I wasn't clear on my request, I was trying to store the balance value in the next column on every single click of a button.

    The code works really well Roy.Thank you!

    However, could it be done a column at a time on the click of a button? The date at row 1 was supposed to appear when I store a new column value.

    Hey Guys,

    Im new to VBA and I want to apply a code then I've written to store values in subsequent rows as I click a button.

    I've created the following sub for only one particular row, but I would like to apply it further down the list (basically the whole of column F).

    Now it is only working for the first row that is 'Pork'.

    Sub RunMe()
    For Each Cell In Range("F2:XFD2")
    If Cell.Value = vbNullString Then
    Cell.Value = Range("F2")
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Next Cell
    End Sub

    I've also attached the working file for reference! Do hope you guys can help me out. Thank you