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    Hi All,

    I've created a code to fetch email summary from Outlook to excel. It successfully runs on my system.

    This automation is for a shared mailbox, and it was running successfully on the shared mailbox last month with the same file for users, but now for that shared mailbox it's throwing blank result in spite of data being there, or at times there's an error stating invalid date.

    Whereas the same automation is running for my mailbox (Not a shared one)

    Has it to do something with shared mailbox?

    But than the same file was giving results till May.

    Can someone help me out why's the macro behaving this way!

    Hi Team,

    I've this below piece of code which extracts email details for any specific date or all the dates from a specific folder and puts in excel, which runs perfectly fine.

    But the problem is I have more than 1 lac+ emails in the folder, and when I run the macro for any specific date it takes way to long to run.

    I know since the emails are in huge numbers it would be slow, but can any one suggest some way which can reduce the run time?

    Hi Team,

    I had written a VBA code, which ran when ran it step by step. But it crashes when run directly. So I broke down it into steps to check where the error is.

    Pasting below the code which crashes when run directly and works fine when run step by step. Can anyone please help me what's wrong:

    Note: I've already declared the variables and objects in Step1.