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    That is true. Here is the code:

    When I click the import button to run the macro, it opens up file explorer to let me select a workbook to import from. However, when testing, I can't see any excel files in any of my folders even though I can see that other Excel files are there in another file explorer window.

    The workbook I'm using is a collection checklist of sorts for a card game. Each set has a sheet where you can input the number of a card you own and I have a macro to import those numbers from an old version of the Excel file to the updated version. The file is shared online with some friends that play, so as new sets come out and the main file gets updated, it makes it easier for everyone to keep their lists updated. I'm not very good at coding, as it is not my profession, just something I happened to write for my hobby this one time.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!