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    Re: Number Of Hyperlinks Too Large

    The purpose of the hyperlinks is to get more information on any particular item in the spreadsheet via an html external database.

    The items all are part of a "group" which by splitting into 2 parts would make it cumbersome to be switching back and forth to do analysis. Scrolling is bad enough!

    Thanks to this forum, I was able to complete my project, with one little glitch.

    I've got a list of items that each have distinct web hyperlinks.

    This list has 115,000 items/hyperlinks, but it appears Excel allows less than 100,000 on any single worksheet

    The items are all related, and splitting them up to different worksheets would defeat the purpose.

    Although I'm using 2007, it must be compatable with 2003. Any ideas?

    Re: Automated Copy And Paste

    Thanks to SHG and NORIE...and now for your reward, your laugh of the day...

    Everything worked perfectly once I figured out you have to push f9 to execute the formulas!

    I've been using Excel for several years now and never ONCE needed to execute a calculation, since I only use it as a sortable and formattable text list for my inventory.

    Guess I should have picked the LOWEST level of expertise when I joined...hahahahahahaha!

    BYW...using 2007 is a real pain - it's a big learning curve having to figure out where they moved everything from 2003.


    Re: Automated Copy And Paste

    I seem to get a copy of "Story about this" down the entire list (using my example). What I need is 2 copies of "Story about this", then 3 copies of "Story about that", then 4 copies of "Story about the other", etc....

    Yes, this is a one time thing.

    I've got a list of 50,000 book titles in one column, with thousands of sets of between 2 to 5 duplicate titles.

    The second column has one unique summary per set of duplicate titles. I want to duplicate this summary to the remaining duplicate titles of the set (their 2nd column cells are blank). The third column describes the general condition of each book, and the fourth the asking price.

    I have been manually copying and pasting, but this is very time consuming. Is there a simple routine that can do this?