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    Thanks for the insights. Is your suggestion to run an older Mac OS in Parallels to still run Office 2011? And that would only be necessary if I needed to edit a UserForm (rare, thankfully) and take advantage of a 64-bit version day-to-day?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I even called Microsoft Sales and they didn't have an answer, which I found quite shocking.

    I'm currently on Office 2011 for Mac. I make extensive use of VBA daily. I'm looking to get a new M1 laptop when the 16-inch becomes available later this year. My son just got a 13-inch MBP today. I tried to install the old 2011, no luck since it's a 32-bit app.

    Big question is what current version supports VBA? I tried Office 2019 before. That had some issues with the sandboxing and limited file locations. As well as a big issue that you couldn't edit User Forms, just work with existing Forms. Maybe this has been fixed since the early release? I gave up on that and stuck with my old friend Office 2011.

    Does Office 365 support VBA?

    Suggestions for best options moving forward?