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    Hi Everyone,

    Its been a while and i hope everyone is doing well.

    I need your help regarding summing values from consecutive rows which can be done using the sum formula however the twist is that i want the sum formula to be dynamic as is happening with office 365 with the integration of the hash icon into formulas.

    As you can see below

    The data in column A and H have the blue box around them meaning that the data is dynamic, however my concern comes into the sum in column H, i have to drag it down to the end of the table every time the data in column H is and A are updated.

    The formula that i used for column AJ is =SUM(XLOOKUP($A3,$A$3#,$H$3#)) which could also have been substituted with =SUM(H3:AI3) and dragged down.

    What i require is a sum formula that calculates the values from cells H3 to AI3 and for it to spill that sum for the rows below it, if a lookup is required then i would use the spilled cells in column A which is =SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(REFORMAT!$B$2:$B$1048576,REFORMAT!$B$2:$B$1048576<>""))).

    I would really appreciate your assistance on this matter.


    Hi Everyone,

    I'm VERY new to VBAs and i just started with recording macros, it was brought to my attention that while recording macros after editing it, that there might be some commands that would be considered redundant and might cause problems down the line. The statement was very vague and i was wondering if anyone had any advice or guidance on how to spot such commands in recording macros and how they would compare if the code were to be written in a more efficient and clear way that wouldn't cause issues down the line.

    I would appreciate your feedback.

    Thank You.