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    Looking for a code to compare two workbooks and highlight the differences.

    I have 3 workbooks,


    File1.xlsx( only sheet1 available)

    Flie2.xlsx( only sheet1 available)

    Below is the code but it doesn't work.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Good Day,

    Please assist to trim the recorded macro.

    A table consist of same header, I'm replacing the header names with find and replace vba code.

    Ignoring the two matches and Replacing 3rd match, 4th match, 5th match as Apple,Mango and Orange respectively.

    Kindly refer to the attached file.



    I receive 5-6 columns of data from a client.

    Scenario 1

    column_e, column_b, column_a, column_c,column_d

    <Reordering the columns and delivering the outputs>

    Reqd. Output


    Scenario 2

    column_a, column_c, column_e, column_d,column_b

    Reqd. Output


    Scenario 3

    column_a, column_c, column_e, column_d,column_b,column_f

    Reqd. Output


    As you can see the reqd. output, column order is fixed (column_a,column_b,column_c,column_d,column_e),

    But I get inputs in different column order. I'm looking for a code which can work dynamically. Irrespective of the input, the columns should get rearranged to a,b,c,d,e..