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    Hi KjBox,

    The historicaldatacontroller.xlsm file is working correctly now.

    Can you make a small change that it updates first 25 file then wait for 5 min then again updates the next 25 files and waits for 5 min and continues like this till all the files are updated.

    Rest everything remains same.

    Actually yahoo is not allowing to update more than 25 files at a go.

    Hi KjBox,

    Sorry for disturbing you again,

    The files " Historical data controller" was working fine till 30April 2022, but I think Yahoo has made some changes and now the error shows "Emulate URL: unexpexted error"

    Please correct it.

    5 Cell data relates to number of cells being Scraped

    No particular cell or sheet causing the issue. Because when I reduce to 5 cells only it works fine.

    It crashes sometimes immediately, sometimes after few minutes.

    Without 200 or so test files, it's difficult to diagnose the issue.

    Have you tried breaking the files up into groups of, say, 20-50 files and test on those ie, not all the files at once but eventually run through all files.

    This might help determine if it's the number of files being processed or if there is one or more files that may be causing the issue.

    Hi Gijsmo,

    I have found the problem. Its number of cell data to scrape.

    If I scrape only 5 cell data's then it works fine.

    But If I need to scrape 6-10 Cell data then it collapses.

    Any solution for this?



    Job Done.

    You are Great Mumps


    Place this macro in a separate workbook. The macro assumes that the sheet to be formatted will always be the first sheet in each workbook. Change the folder path (in red) to suit your needs.

    Thanks Mumps,

    Its working perfectly.

    But only one thing. It is not able to remove previous formatting of cells filled in Green color.

    Manually remove the green colour in column F if it exists. Then select all the cells with data in column F and create two conditional formatting rules using the following two formulae:

    =F2="BUY" ---- select Green for fill format and Red in font colour format

    =F2="SELL" ---- select Red for fill format and White in font colour format

    Thanks Mumps for your advise, but as I mentioned there are multiple files in the given folder and all the files require the same formatting.

    I need a VBA code to format all the files at one go.

    This should work

    It worked Perfectly as your magic works always.

    Thanks a Lot.

    Check this

    • Hi Roy,

      Thanks for your response.

      It's not working.

      Just highlighting one cell and hangs up.


    I need to insert two formula's, in Sheet GOSTOP

    Following formula at cell C2 and then copied it down to cell C102.

    =IF(AND(C3<0,C2>0),"GO"," ")

    so that formula at C102 shows =IF(AND(C103<0,C102>0),"GO"," ")

    And following formula at E2 and then copied it down to cell E102.

    =IF(AND(E3>0,E2<0),"STOP"," ")

    so that formula at E102 shows =IF(AND(E103>0,E102<0),"STOP"," ")

    I need this to be done across multiple files in a given folder.

    Any Help