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    I told you in your last post that you cannot "superhide" a column and provided code to hide a column and protect the sheet which is all you can do, so why waste members' time?

    royUK Yes I know that, and you told me so. I only wanted (and maybe I didnt use the correct meaning and title) to understand why the code I posted not working. It gives me an error. I apologies to all members , I really dont want to waste time! I only want to lock the column from editing. This thread of course can be locked if it is against forum rules. Sorry


    I am trying to "totally hide" a column from a worksheet. I have found this code at the internet and tried to make it work, (sorry I cant remember or find out where...) but it is not working

    Any ideas? (what it does it just lock editing etc)

    Thank you! :)

    Working with this solution and trying I find out that it locks the worksheet, so no other code will work. How can I make it not to lock the workgroup? but just hide column E?

    Thank you

    In order users not try to open column E width and have a look at the data / prices, thats why I need them hidden.

    The code to be hidden at the start will be something like that?

    Private Sub Auto_Open()
       Range("E:E").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
    End Sub

    If I may ask, is it better to use Module or place the code at the sheet it self?

    Thank you royUK !

    Ok, So in order to make them onopen hidden what should I enter in the code? To start always hidden on open ? And somerhing else, with this way it hides the column E , this is what I needed, is there a way to change the width of the colum let say 0.1 ?

    Thank you


    I want to make the below code to work globaly for all sheets .

    I can manage to do it for just the activesheet but not globaly. When I press the macro button asks for password if correct unhide at all sheets column E if not stay hidden or hide it.

    Can be also made super hidden? Cannot someone play with width etc

    Thank you! :)

    Sorry, but this time it's better to start a new thread, the title of this one has nothing to do with this last request.

    You are absolutely right. As I told you in my previous post, I dont want to go against forum rules! I will open a new one, about this matter. Again, thank you very very much for all the effort and your help! Thank you !!! ?

    Can I ask and some other thing? I want to make the below code to work globaly for all sheets (its from the same workgroup), I can manage to do it for just the activesheet but not globaly. (I tried but...)

    What should I change? Thank you

    thank you for your answer! I will try it at night, cos I am at work right now! Thanks a lot. I was wondering, because at the excel there will be a lot of sheets, for the last one code, can it choose all the sheets and leave one out? ie choose all the sheets, except PROFORMA DRYHIRE the one that collects all the data. I have find something at the net but nope, doesnt work well. Thank you!

    Yes! This is working Fine ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!

    If I can ask, at the same workgroup , at sheet PROFORMA DRYHIRE , the macro is working fine, but when I press the button and the macro ends , do the job, it redirect to sheet 3.... Why is it doing that? I dont have any redirect to do that, maybe goes to last sheet before PROFORMA DRYHIRE.

    If it is not possible to answer that ( due to forum rules) I understand and I can open a new thread.

    Yes, You are absolutely correct (as anytime...) Everything is working fine, all templates are made correctly. But (there is always a but), now it creates templates for all the sheets not only the active sheet. You see every sheet will have its own button to create the template. How can this will be done? I know that you must be tired, correcting things, but this will be the last one (I hope...)