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    thank you for your reply. I will try it and let you know. One question, what about this piece of code that checks each cell , should I change that also?

     For Each cell In Range("B3:E5")
     If IsEmpty(cell) = True Then
     bIsEmpty = True

    Thank you!

    royUK can you please help me again?

    The below code will change color of the tab bases if some cells are empty.

    I am not good with ranges, so besides the range B3:E5 I need to also check range B10:E12 , how can I combined the two ranges?

    Thank you

    I attach the file and the code


    You are absolutely right. The code as it is , its more than fine.
    One last thing (I hope because I droit want to bother you), is it possible when the range B3:E5 or / and range B10:E12 of the newly created tab , is not complete (filled with data any of the cells in ranges) the tab color to be , green and when the ranges are complete to be red?

    Thank you again !

    When I double click 23rd , first creates 23-6-2021 tab, that is fine because it creates the Today ? Am I correct?

    When I again double click 23rd disappears, how can I make it visible again?

    So every new day if I double click the current date will create a new tab correct? and if I double click any other day will make it visible ? I hope you understand, I maybe wrong, my native language is not English, sorry.

    I don't need to hide it at the time it is created, but only when all the table is filled. If this cant be done, no matter, as long as it creates the tab its ok. When it is filled (the new tab - date) can the tab change color? If double click any other date just "drive" me to that tab - date.

    Also, when I double click 21 or 24 (not 22) there is a debug error (?)

    Thank you!

    You mean the conditional formatting for create the calendar? I have to alter this to maje it red. So is it possible to change the tab color when newly created sheet is filled? And when it is filled, can be automatiç hide? (Or button etc) because there will be a lot of sheets.

    Thank you!

    Yes, I want to create for today (that works perfect) and I need if it is possible when the day ends (or table tab is filled with numbers etc), the yellow background of date cell to be red.

    All the new sheets will remain, they wont be deleted, because I need to keep every day.

    Thank you ! I really appreciate that !:)

    royUK Thank you for your reply.

    I attach the calendar I have made (the current day is yellow). So when I click on a specific date (ie current date) it will create a new tab named under the cell name (date) that the new tab will contain the data that are in table Tab.


    Can this be done?

    Thank you in advance.


    I am trying to create a calendar (a worksheet) that will do the following.

    1) It will be daily

    2) All days will be in yellow color (the cell color not the text color)

    3) When click on a day, a sheet will be opened named under Date that will contain the contents of table (table attached) where we can make entries (numeric). When all the table is full (or some of it / or the day is over) the day (calendar date & sheet) will change color to red and Hide sheet.

    Can this be done?


    Thank you!!!:)