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    Currently, my excel sheet is composed of data that are not in long format. [Blocked Image:]

    I want to cut the data to paste at the bottom of the first 2 columns to get something like this:

    [Blocked Image:]

    I have written some vba code to allow me to do the cutting and pasting. However, the code doesn't seem to exit the Find Loop and continuously finds and cuts. I want to stop finding after all columns after the 1st 2 are cut and pasted to the bottom. What edits can I make to the code to allow the find to escape the loop? Thank you

    Hi, I have to clean different excel sheets with separate tables within each sheet. I have written a vba code to extract rows between two values and paste them onto a new sheet. The issue I have now is that I want to consolidate the rows in the new sheet into a total instead of individual rows.

    From the above pic, I want the total quantity (which is 9) for the top table to replace the "1" in the first row. Thereafter, I want to delete all rows below the first row of the table till the start of the next company. After that, I want to repeat the process for Company B's table. How do I write the vba code for this? I was thinking of using find to search for "Total" and use offset after that but I'm not sure if that's possible. I have uploaded the excel workbook. You need to run the Selectbetween macro first before reaching the above step. Thank you

    I can’t really post the workbooks due to sensitive information on them. Basically what I have is a directory with many different workbooks.

    1) I need to extract information on from workbooks with the word “Report” in them

    2) Of these “Report” workbooks, I only need information from certain sheets with titles from an array of names ( ie sheet names with “‘New”, “Continue” etc in them)

    3) I need to check the columns of these sheets and add in any missing columns

    4) What I’m doing currently is to copy these sheets onto the back of my compilation workbook

    5) Lastly, I need to toggle through each sheet and copy the data there and paste them onto the last used row of the first sheet of the compilation workbook

    I am trying to collate specific sheets with "Report" in their names across different excel files and paste them into a new excel document, with each new sheet's data pasted below the last used row of the collated sheet. I also need to check for any missing headers in the different excel files and add a header at the appropriate location if its missing. I have combined vba codes I have found online to first copy all the "Report" sheets of files in the directory to the consolidated excel file and then search for missing headers before copying the data to paste in Sheet1. However, I have some issues Firstly the missing columns are not added when I run the code. Next, I'm not too sure on how to write the via to do the copying and pasting in the first sheet's last used row as it is not working.