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    I have downloaded a long list of place names for my table, but they are preceded by a number, see below

    132. caerphilly
    133. calne
    134. camberley
    is there a quick way of removing the number and full stop and capitalising the first letter of the place name?
    Thanks very much for the previous help.

    Something else you may be able to help me with is my list consists partly of a download of locations, but each place is preceded by 3 numbers and a fullstop. Is it possible to remove the numbers and capitalise the first letter of the place name. As in.

    132. caerphilly to Caerphilly

    133. calne to Calne

    134. camberley to Camberley

    135. cambridge to Cambridge

    136. camden town to Camden Town

    Sorry to bother you

    Hi Roy

    I use the following formula to auto number rows =IF(B4="","",A3+1) this is part of a sheet to record visits to Costa Coffee shops. I then do =max(A3:A1000) to see how many I have visited. Occasionally a shop will close so I delete the row.

    I have created a table that automatically numbers the row as I enter new info, but occasionally I have to delete a row, is there a way to continue the numbering? the table does not like gaps.

    Thanks Roy

    My problem is that every 2 or 3 days I visit a Costa, I need to be able to add to the list of visits and hopefully the number of unique shops will also automatically go up. In the end I want to be able to see how many different Costa shops I have visited, not the total of all visits.


    My problem is with cell O4 the cell is supposed to count unique shop locations. The formula came from an excel tip on UTube. I have tried as suggested but it does nothing to cell O4. If I enlarge the range in O4 I get an error due to including empty cells in the range.


    I am trying to build a sheet in excel 2010 to list my visits to a certain brand of coffee shop including location,date, what we had and how much we spent. I have managed most of it, but the problem is with the cell counting the number of unique shops I have visited (due to multiple visits to same branch). The formula I use includes sumproduct and countif, the problem is that every time I visit, the list gets bigger. Is there something I can add to the formula to take account of the growing range? I am happy to include my spreadsheet if required if someone can explain how. If I do the problem cell is O4. Thank you in advance.