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    Hi all,

    I am trying to create a dashboard on one page, but to include more info I need some chart and a pivot table to appear only on mouse hover, not sure if it is possible for the pivot to be captured on mouse hover. I attached an example file. When I hover over Orders Won label I want the Pivot on the right Column T:V to appear and when I hover over Lost Projects label the Chart on the right to appear. I didn't find anything with Pivot pop up not sure if it is possible, with the Chart I found something with linked image but I cannot paste that in my Excel 365 version, not sure if it is because it is a Pivot Chart.

    If you could please have a look, looking forward for some guidance :)

    Thank you

    Hi all,

    I am trying to sum the items in Column C that corresponds only to Status (column A) "Firm Quote" and "Requote" and Sub Status (column B) "In Progress", the result should be 4000.

    Thank you!

    Status Sub Status items
    Budget On Hold 210
    Requote In Progress 2,000
    Firm Quote On Hold 585
    Firm Quote In Progress 500
    Requote In Progress 1,500
    Firm Quote On Hold 2,406
    Requote On Hold 2,141
    Budget In Progress 1,200
    Total   4,000