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    I'm trying to write a formula that will transfer data from one sheet to another within a specific date range that will be entered on the sheet the data will be copied.

    The formula would be similar to a SUMIFS, instead of summing the range of data it would just copy the range of data to the new sheet. If excel had a COPY formula it would look like this:

    =COPYIFS(Daily!B6:F4753, Daily!A6:A4753, ">=" & I3, Daily!A6:A4753, "<=" & K3)

    1st Sheet = Daily

    Column A = Dates

    Columns B to F = data to be transfered

    Cell I3 on Sheet2 = Start Date

    Cell K3 on Sheet2 = End Date

    The formula would be entered into cell B6 on Sheet2.

    Basically I want to have a master daily list, then be able to choose a specific date range on the 2nd sheet, and have the data only in that range transfer to the 2nd excel sheet.