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    Hello Roy,

    Ok, basically what determines which rows should be per account is, when the sys detect in column B , the first cell with numbers then proceed to count the next cell until the cell is empty then proceed to concatenate the number of the cells counted, then cycle "for" applies and do the same thing for the next number ... until the last number

    I know I am not paying but it supposed the forum is for sooooo let me know if you are willing to help or not to look into another forum.



    Dear Roy,

    Just let me know if you can do it or not , you did not download the last file I sent you.

    File Attached again if you miss it. What do you need from my end?

    That is what my code does. How do you know to miss certain rows?

    I know because I checked each once manually one by one, if you look the file you will know, vba code is not doing the expectation.



    You simply need to provide links to any other posts on other Forums that ask the same question.


    Regarding the macro provided, the functionality works so so, because when the macro runs is concatenating other sentences that are not part of the definition of the accounts so I marked in red color the ones that not be included, but the VBA code it supposed to take only the cells under the number until the cell is empty.

    Additionally I added an error that pop up when I running the full report (I cannot added the full report for confidential issues and also is very big to replace the confidential information) so hopefully you can find they way to do it properly.

    Please let me know if you need additional information.


    Sorry Guys, Now I understand I cannot post the same thing not matter if the websites are different.

    I would like to continue using OZGRID for my request since the other website are not very friendly regarding the system.

    I attached the file, one sheet with the Original Request and other with my expectation result, hopefully this can clear a little bit. I just leave 3 accounts and their respective definition accounts but the true the report has more than 8 thousand accounts and definitions (Text or sentences).

    Regards and sorry for the inconvenience

    [Mod note: attachment removed due to data confidentiality issues]


    Hello All,

    First time posting threads here so hopefully you can help to determine the code for.

    Basically I am doing a macro that each time a numeric cell be in Range (B3: B35000) Find the cell and cut/paste one cell to the left (easy part) but the part that I am stuck is the second one where I need to concatenate from the activecell +1 to the last cell with values (means the first row empty that appears). and this happens for each cell numeric only.

    But please focus on the concatenate part, note I dont have a specific range to concatenate since the concatenate needs to be done in the cell which the number was and combinate all the cells under it until the last cell be Empty