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    Hello ,
    I would love some help with the following problem.
    I have two columns with multiple data. something like

    A xx
    B xy
    C xds
    D xsd
    E 124
    E 235
    F 163
    F 643
    A ab
    B abc
    C abds
    D asd
    E 124
    E 152
    E 236
    E 235
    F 164
    F 667

    And i want to make a transpose out of it. I have to mention that there is a empty row between every set of data and the hard thing for me is the variable number of E's and F's column for every set. let's say that in a set there are 5 F data, in a set 3 and so on (max 10)
    is there a way I could have t in the following format?

    A B C D E F
    xx xy xds xsd 124 163
    xx xy xds xsd 235 643
    xx xy xds xsd
    xx xy xds xsd
    ab abc abds asd 124 164
    ab abc abds asd 152 667
    ab abc abds asd 236
    ab abc abds asd 235

    Thanks and apologies for broken language (not my primary language)