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    PFA output pdfs... in one the page width is proper as per the code, while in the other the righ margin has increased. I need the excel to fit the entire page width.

    If create a new sheet in a workbook via macro, is there a way to automatically also include a code for worksheet_change event on that sheet.?

    I am creating sheet with name "Group A" in a workbook via macro.

    There a cells that have to change to uppercase once the user enters values into it.

    How can i achieve this?

    The two shapes encircled in red in the attached screenshot (dss_1) display two difference top values when ActiveWindow.Zoom = 110. As a result the blue lines are not getting added at the proper place in the left shape. The same works properly when ActiveWindow.Zoom = 100 (screenshot dss_2)

    The co-ordinates when zoom = 110 are

    (top, left height, width)

    Left shape: 609 52 15 24

    Right shape: 602 77 14 24

    The co-ordinates when zoom = 100 are

    (top, left height, width)

    Left shape: 602 53 14 24

    Right shape:602 77 14 24

    kindly help

    i changed the part of code to the following and it worked

                ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="1234"
                Target.Font.Color = vbRed
                ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="1234"
                ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="1234"
                Target.Font.Color = vbBlack
                ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="1234"

    I have changed the code but the problem persists. PFA the worksheet. Enter the number of teams and press Generate. Enter the scores in column F from F9 onwards.

    Sample scores: 20-0, 44-55,66-77, 0-20 and so on. 20-0 and 0-20 must change to red and others to black.

    The first part of setting the range to Uppercase is working, but the second part of changing the font colour is not. The event is being triggered but the font color is not changing. The code runs till "Msgbox 1" but does not change the font color or display "Msgbox 4". Kindly help


    The first part of code to change to Upper case is working whereas the second part of changing the color is not. Kindly help